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Common questions and answers

We are based in East Anglia (East of England) whereby most of our face to face work support is within two hours (approximately) from this region. However, we do assess each booking requirement by it’s own merit and viability for both parties.

Enlearn is our online learning system. You are able to access Enlearn 24/7/365 and undertake our digital courses. You can also download our applications to use Enlearn offline, or on the go. 

Our team are experts in virtual delivery of high quality education. We deliver our virtual sessions through Microsoft Teams. You are not required to download or install any software to access our training. Although, we do recommend you do so to ensure you have the best experience. You will be provided with a guide on how to access the training before joining a session.

Enlearningment is a paper-free organisation and therefore we do not routinely print. Over the years, many of our customers have migrated towards digital systems and the convenience of digitally issued certificates for attaching to records has seen our customers request a digital format.

You are able to request physical copies of certificates at a price of £25.00 + VAT per complete document.

For face to face training, all digital certificates are uploaded onto Enlearningment, our customer CRM system. This system will only be accessible by nominated individuals from organisations.

For E-learning certificates, you can access these from your learner or manager profile on Enlearn.

*For learners – We are unable to issue digital certificates directly to you for Face to Face training. These are sent through our tracked system to your line manager and are not retained by us after this point. We do keep a record of all training and can produce a duplicate – however, there is a charge of £25.00 + VAT per certificate due to the administration time involved.

We therefore recommend you speak to your parent organisation and see if they can email you your digital certificates. You have a right under Data Protection to request your data for legitimate purposes, and mostly without charge.

Enlearn is a dedicated social care and health care based education platform. Therefore, all courses are solely relevant to these sectors and are not ‘Generic’ or ‘Other industry-led’. 

Currently, there are over 90 (ninety) programmes available on Enlearn for unlimited access to all users.

The courses range from Mandatory or Core training subjects, specialist learning programmes for enhanced support and conditions support/management as well as some theory-based clinical and management programmes.