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We firmly believe that every learner can achieve their ambitions when they are given the correctly nurtured environment to flourish.

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we were founded


We became Enlearningment 🚀

Enlearningment was born. The word, created by our founder Jack White, embodied our values and sets the precedent for what our main objective is to provide to our learners. Engaging Learning Environment (Enlearningment) was created by a team of visionaries and sector leaders within adult social care education and learning and development.


The journey began
A personal story

Jack, our founder, originally began his journey in learning and development for adult social care after a successful career working up towards management level. He has experience as a Home Care and Supported Living Business Owner and is also recognised as a Tech Leader in Social Care and regularly speaks at events such as The Care Show and UK Care Week.

Supporting multiple SME’s across the country, the training gig began to grow significantly. The team grew as a result. The team managed to support up to 10,000 learners per year.

Realising that there was a need to enhance the sector with modern training styles fitting to the mondernisation and overhaul of adult social care, the team decided it was time to take the journey to the next level.